Through great partnerships with Cornell University, the University of Arizona, and the industry knowledge of IFPA's own subject matter experts, we offer the following learning experiences in the following topic areas. Click on a link below to view the relevant courses:


Enhance Your Decision-Making Skills

Learn to use case studies to improve your management process. A free course from IFPA!

Enroll Now! Expanding Your Thinking & Leadership with Case Studies

We support the growth of women in our industry! 

With the generous support of our sponsor, Taylor Farms.

Explore our Women In Leadership Courses and Certificates

Note that all eCornell courses can be taken individually - 

or you can enroll in a series of courses to achieve a valuable career-building Certificate from Cornell University.  

Visit the Certificates page for more information

Management Fundamentals

IFPA is committed to building talent within our industry - and to our members being able to lead from wherever they are, in their roles now and in the future. Build your career now with these courses providing a foundational understanding of leadership, management, and financial skills. 

Pricing: $495 per course. Click the buttons below for registration and individual course details:

Enhancing Leadership Readiness
Navigating the Organization
Laying the Foundation

Or, take all three courses as part of a 12-month, MBA-level program and emerge with a Certificate from the University of Arizona:

Management Fundamentals Certificate

Pricing for Certificate Program: $1,395

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Business Communications

In any field, success depends on being able to communicate complex ideas with both nuance and depth. With these courses, you will master the skills to communicate your ideas for maximum impact through professional presentations, reports, and impromptu conversations. By strengthening your approach to written and oral communications, investigating your audience and situational context, and defining your communication goals, you will learn to employ the ideal communication method for each unique business situation you encounter. 

Pricing: $450 per course. Click the buttons below for registration and individual course details:

Business Writing

Building Compelling Slide Decks & Reports

Persuasive Writing

Cross-Cultural Communications

Planning & Delivering Effective Presentations

Advanced Business Writing

Impactful Unscripted Communication


Virtual Communication

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Brand Management

Brand management has become one of the most important aspects of business strategy. Brands are often a central organizing principle of successful organizations — guiding decisions and actions. Whether you’re a brand marketer, business leader, or entrepreneur, this certificate program provides an essential framework to build and manage a great brand. View any course overview by clicking the buttons below. 

Pricing: $450 per course. Click the buttons below for registration and individual course details:

Brand Purpose

Brand Strategy

Brand Planning

Brand Positioning

Brand Activation

Brand Measurement

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