Through our partnership with Cornell University, IFPA is proud to offer learning experiences in the following topic areas to help increase the strength and grow the ranks of women within our industry. Click either link below to view our relevant courses:


We are grateful to our generous sponsor, Taylor Farms

for their support of our Women's Leadership courses and certificate programs. 


Note that all eCornell courses can be taken individually - 

or you can enroll in a series of courses to achieve a valuable career-building Certificate from Cornell University.  

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Women in Leadership

Through these five courses, learn about the challenges facing women in leadership positions and discover strategies for handling them. The Professor balances academic research regarding social norms and expectations with practical strategies for operating effectively within the workplace, discussing how to outmaneuver the “double bind” dilemma, showing strong leadership qualities without being penalized for it. Topics discussed include how women can best negotiate in the workplace, ways to effectively provide both positive and negative feedback and how they can strengthen their emotional intelligence to stand out as a leader among both men and women.

Pricing: $450 per course

Navigating the Double-Bind

Negotiation Skills

Using Emotional Intelligence to Drive Results

Giving & Receiving Feedback

Outsmart the Work-Life Balance

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Executive Women in Leadership

In many organizations, men hold more executive positions and board seats than similarly qualified women. Even organizations that bring on women and men at the same rate still demonstrate a gender imbalance at the highest levels of leadership because the power structures and gender dynamics in place often favor and reward the contributions of men over women. In this environment, even the most experienced and capable women struggle against gender bias and established power dynamics on their way to the top. Through these courses, you will learn strategies and techniques to skillfully level the playing field as you work to attain higher levels of leadership. 

Pricing: $450 per course

Power and Gender Dynamics

Developing Executive Presence for Women Leaders

Gender Bias and Negotiation Strategies

The Network Effect

Decoding the Gender Gap in Board Membership

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