Women in Leadership: Giving & Receiving Feedback


Giving and Receiving Feedback

Research shows that feedback is critical for leaders and that creating a culture of feedback is key to a team's success. The more successful a team is, the better an organization's bottom line. However, there is an art to giving and receiving feedback, and if not done properly, feedback can have a negative impact to morale. Conversely, teams who receive feedback in a positive, supportive way will strive to continue to do well.

There can be a gender dimension to giving and receiving feedback that is critical for women in leadership roles to understand, as men and women react differently. In this course, Professor Deborah Streeter will examine the gender dimensions of giving and receiving feedback and explore strategies for working as effectively as possible to lead a high-performing team.

Key Course Takeaways

Learn various ways to provide effective feedback that will lead to improved performance 

Identify areas in which gender plays a role in the ways that people give and receive feedback

Develop numerous methods of motivating people to understand the direction in which you want to lead them 

Learn how to effectively seek mentors and sponsors for personal development

Applies Toward the Following Certificates
  • Women in Leadership
  • Women in Product


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