Promoting Inclusive Onboarding and Employee Success

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The hiring process does not stop at making a job offer. Onboarding and retention that lead to employee success make up the final stage of an inclusive hiring process. When you hire a new candidate, that candidate will be integrated within your organization through onboarding and hopefully grow over their time of employment. Candidates from marginalized backgrounds do not want to enter a new organization only to feel excluded immediately upon onboarding or to find themselves unable to advance. By providing candidates with inclusive onboarding measures and equitable, proactive opportunities for growth, you can maintain inclusion both within your hiring practices and within your organization as a whole.

In this course, you will begin by reviewing the concept of employee integration and how it is impacted by onboarding and cultural inclusion. You will then determine the value of making inclusive offers to your candidates, including what equitable benefits and negotiation practices look like. You'll explore how to build an inclusive onboarding experience as well as how to sustain an employee's success beyond onboarding through internal hiring practices. Finally, you will revisit methods of tracking and monitoring DEI and inclusion progress over time to ensure that your organization recognizes the tangible benefits of an inclusive approach to hiring.

You are required to have completed the following courses or have equivalent experience before taking this course:

  • Building Diverse Talent Pools
  • Adopting Inclusive Hiring Practices

Applies Toward the Following Certificates:  DE&I: Building a Diverse Workforce


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