Management Fundamentals: Laying the Foundation


For the Fresh Produce & Floral Industries:
Laying the Foundation

Module 1: Seeing the Big Picture 

This module focuses on building a comprehensive understanding of the produce and floral value chain as well as the trends that will have a long-term impact on the industry. The course will task participants with creating a value chain map as well as identifying company’s specific sources of disruption. Materials and exercises will be supplemented with industry leaders interview as well as agents of disruption.

Module 2: Personal Growth 

A course foundation of developing leadership is understanding yourself and the impact of your behavior on others.  Understanding and being able to develop greater emotional intelligence is the cornerstone of this learning. A self-assessment tool will be introduced and applied, as well as tools for giving and receiving feedback.

Module 3: Financial Acumen – Accounting 

This module covers the basic tools and techniques of financial management to enhance understanding of the implications of decision making and how individuals can better understand how they and their team affect the performance metrics and drive value in the produce and floral industry. Material will be pertinent to both small and midsized organizations, as well as public and privately held companies. Material and exercises will be supplemented with Produce and Floral industry leader interviews.


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