Diversity & Inclusion for HR: Employment Law & Policy Issues


Employment Law & Policy Issues

Human resource professionals must navigate and deal with a wide range of legal and policy issues in the workplace. They must know the responsibilities and boundaries of their own role, and they must assess issues and consult appropriate legal or expert counsel.

This course will help current and aspiring HR managers and staff to establish a structured framework for systematic analysis of employee issues that may have legal implications. It focuses on the layers of employee rights, the HR role, appropriate consultation with legal counsel, and the use of a step-by-step process in the assessment of workplace issues. By the end of this course, you will develop a systematic foundation for managing employment law issues.

Key Course Takeaways

Recognize the layers of employee rights among employment laws, agreements, and policies

Assess the role of an HR professional in dealing with employment issues within an organization

Identify relevant organizational policies and consultants when addressing potential legal violations

Adopt a method for systemic analysis of employee relations issues

Applies Toward the Following Certificates
  • Diversity and Inclusion for HR
  • Employment Law


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