Diversity & Inclusion for HR: Driving Engagement for HR


Driving Engagement for HR

People may assume that it's employee satisfaction or commitment to their job that promotes higher performance, but it's engagement. In this course, you will examine the foundational drivers of engagement and explore the components of successful engagement initiatives. When completed, this course will help you identify strategies for bringing about engagement in organizations.

In companies where 60-70% of employees are engaged, shareholder returns are approximately 24%. Compare that to companies where only 50-60% of employees are engaged: shareholder returns are as low as approximately 5%. Similarly, teams with high engagement experience 4.1% turnover, as opposed to approximately 14.5% turnover for teams with low engagement.  These figures clearly illustrate the significant impact that managers and HR professionals can have if they better understand what impacts the engagement of employees.

Key Course Takeaways

Methods for assessing a group for suboptimal engagement

How to make critical distinctions between engagement and satisfaction or commitment

How to apply diagnose root causes of suboptimal levels of engagement among employee groups and ways to develop hypotheses about appropriate solutions

Ways to choose appropriate strategies for improving engagement within your work group and organization

Ways to take effective actions to improve engagement

Applies Toward the Following Certificates
  • Diversity and Inclusion for HR
  • Human Resources Management


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