Diversity & Inclusion for HR: Autism at Work


Autism at Work

In this course, you will explore the emerging initiatives in technology to actively recruit and hire individuals on the Autism Spectrum. The course will encourage you to assess implications for human resource policies and practices in this area. You will then look into the opportunities and challenges encountered across the employment process in designing and implementing these kinds of initiatives, and evaluate the importance of creating a workplace culture that embraces a diverse workforce, including individuals with disabilities, and those who are neuro-atypical.

This course focuses on effective recruitment, screening, selection, orientation, on-the-job training, and preparatory supervisor and workforce training for neurodiverse employees. You will build a workplace culture inclusive of individuals who are neurodiverse with considerations for career advancement, retention, and performance management. You will also build internal and external support systems to support success for those employees. Finally, you will use metrics and analytics to determine the program's effectiveness at the individual and organizational levels.

Key Course Takeaways

Develop a business case for making neurodiversity part of your organization's overall employment strategy

Recognize the challenges and opportunities associated with the hiring of neurodiverse talent

Assess technology options to successfully recruit, interview, and onboard needed talent that includes neurodiverse people

Identify supervisors and other leaders within your organization who are flexible, willing, and motivated to work with neurodiverse staff

Address perceptions among management and staff to improve inclusivity in your workplace

Implement a process that fosters awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of neurodiverse employees among staff

Use metrics and analytics to track, assess, and quantify your organization's progress

Applies Toward the Following Certificates
  • Diversity and Inclusion for HR


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