A Career Exploration Journey:

Following the Fresh Produce and Floral Industries From Field to Table

Only the Fresh Produce and Floral Industries build a healthier world, invest in sustainability, and grow their own talent! And you can be a part of it!

This FREE Career Pathways Certificate Program offers university students in their Sophomore, Junior, or Senior years of study a glimpse into the many rewards and vast potential of the Produce and Floral Industries. Industry Experts introduce and describe the different sectors of the industries’ supply chain, while identifying the career opportunities and skill sets needed to get our products from field to table.

This on-demand, interactive, fast-paced certificate program allows participants eight weeks to complete a minimum of twelve required learning modules, all at their own pace. Upon completion of the program requirements, participants will receive:

  • A Certificate of Completion
  • Badge for student’s LinkedIn Profile
  • A Free Produce Marketing Association Individual Membership for Career Pathways Student Graduates
  • Additional Career Pathways Participant materials
  • Access to the latest internship opportunities and job postings

AND, the first 200 Students to successfully complete the program will be CONNECTED to a CAREER AMBASSADOR – an Industry Mentor who will help guide the student’s journey as they pursue a fresh produce or floral career.